Your Deal With Mommy – Xev Bellringer

Are you sure you still want to do what we agreed upon? I could buy you a brand new car instead. Alright sweetie, I understand that you’ve been looking forward to doing this with Mommy for a long time, and I keep my promises. But you cannot show this tape to anyone, and be sure to keep your face out of the frame. My life would be ruined if someone saw me sucking my own son off. Oh wow, you really are my big boy aren’t you? No no, I’m flattered that you’re already hard for me. Does it feel good to have Mommy’s lips against your cock, honey? Mmm I didn’t expect to get so aroused from this, you feel so good in Mommy’s mouth. You know, we could go a little further….but this is your last chance to stop before we take this little game too far honey. Good boy, Mommy needs pleasure too. Ohhh yes, wow your swollen cock feels so good filling me up, sweetie. Keep going, why did you stop? Oh, you were about to cum, my poor baby – did Mommy turn you on too much? I know honey, doing such naughty things with my own son is so arousing for me too. I had no idea it’d be this good…I need to cum sweetie, I need to cum on your cock. Then Mommy wants you to cum on her face.