This Isn’t Like You – Cory Chase & Leah Lee

Cory Chase is restless. Her stepdaughter, Leah Lee, is concerned and asks her what’s wrong. Cory reveals that she’s having a midlife crisis, feeling like she hasn’t accomplished much. Leah points out that there’s still time for Cory to go out there and do things, so Cory becomes determined to have new experiences.

Over the following weeks, Cory’s confidence grows as she tries various new things: tennis lessons, drawing classes where she sketches nude models, and even sexy dance lessons. Leah is supportive, although she’s sometimes embarrassed by Cory’s choices. There are also hints of growing attraction between them.

Eventually, Cory comes home wearing a biker chick outfit, having just purchased a motorcycle. She is MUCH more confident in herself now. Leah is shocked, but also noticeably more attracted to Cory. Leah confronts Cory about taking this too far, accidentally showing a strong hint of attraction in the process. Cory is surprised, but pleased. She starts coming onto Leah, who is further attracted to Cory’s confident, dominant mannerisms. Cory admits to having had sexy thoughts about Leah as well. They exchange lots of kisses, then explore each other’s breasts and pussies. Looks like BOTH of them are in for an exciting new experience!