Spank Me Instead – Katie Morgan, Aften Opal & Nikole Nash

Nikole Nash and her stepsister Aften Opal are worried about getting in trouble with their stepmom, Katie Morgan, after accidentally breaking a vase she owns. However, when they discuss the possibility of Katie punishing them, Aften looks more dreamy than worried. Nikole notices this dreaminess and furrows her brows with confusion, not understanding why Aften seems to be relishing in the idea of punishment.

Before Nikole can question Aften about her odd comment, they are suddenly interrupted when Katie storms into the living room. She has discovered the broken vase. Upset, she demands to know who broke it.

Aften takes the blame. Nikole is shocked and is ordered away by Katie so that Aften can be punished. Nikole looks sadly at Aften. Aften solemnly nods, as if telling Nikole it’s okay. Nikole shamefully shuffles away, her shoulders slumped.

But Nikole feels guilty that Aften took all the blame. She heads back to the living room to confess but is puzzled as she hears pleasurable moans from Aften.

Nikole is shocked as she peeks into the living room, seeing Aften over Katie’s lap. Aften has her pants off, showing off her panties. Katie is spanking her, being stern and trying to punish Aften, though Aften is clearly enjoying being spanked. Nikole starts to pull back, as if to hurry back to her bedroom, but hesitates. She turns her attention back to the spanking, as if unable to look away.

As Katie continues to spank and scold Aften, Nikole can’t help but gradually become jealous and aroused. She suddenly realizes that Aften must have caused the vase to break on purpose because she WANTED to be spanked. Well, Nikole’s not going to let Aften have all the fun.

If Aften wants to pretend to be noble by confessing, Nikole can do the SAME thing…and hopefully get a good spanking too!!