Someone I Admire – Harmony Rivers, LuLu Chu & London Rose

Harmony Rivers and her friend, Lulu Chu, need to interview a role model for school. The only problem is that they know TOO MANY amazing women — how can they just pick ONE?? That’s when Lulu casually suggests interviewing Harmony’s stepmom, London Rivers, a successful business owner. Harmony thinks it’s a GREAT idea and that they’re going to get an ‘A’ for sure. But little does Harmony know, Lulu would much rather have the ‘V’!

The next day, Harmony and Lulu graciously follow London around as she finishes giving them the tour of her office. Once they settle in and make themselves comfortable, the teens begin questioning London about her career, although that’s when Harmony realizes that Lulu has an ulterior motive… As Lulu’s questions to London become more and more flirty, Harmony is mortified — especially since London seems into it. In fact, as things start to get steamy, London and Lulu insist that Harmony can leave if she wants, but Harmony’s NOT about to let them ruin her chance to ace this project!