Show Mama What You’ve Learned – Tiffany Watson & Dee Williams

Dee Williams, an escort, confronts her stepdaughter Tiffany Watson about researching escorting behind her back. Dee is upset that Tiffany didn’t come to her for advice about escorting, and thinks that Tiffany isn’t ready yet for that type of career anyway. Tiffany admits that she was too nervous to ask for advice, but says that she IS ready to be an escort, and that she wants to be as cool as Dee.

No longer upset, Dee hugs Tiffany and tells her that if she’s sure this is what she wants, then it’s okay… on ONE condition. Dee tells Tiffany that she’ll have to show her skills right now, to prove that she can follow in her stepmom’s footsteps. Even though she’s nervous, Tiffany agrees.

Tiffany strokes Dee’s legs, and then starts to remove Dee’s blouse. Dee whispers advice and words of encouragement, which boosts Tiffany’s confidence. She continues to undress Dee, caressing her breasts and kissing her thighs. She licks Dee’s pussy, checking her reactions to make sure she’s doing a good job. Dee is pleased, as it becomes increasingly clear that Tiffany is ready to follow in her footsteps after all…