Mommy Swallows Before School – Xev Bellringer

Good morning sweetie! All ready for your first day back at school? Oh no honey, what’s wrong – you haven’t even gotten dressed yet. Are you nervous about your first day in a new grade? There’s nothing to worry about, everyone will want to be your friend and who knows…you may even meet a girl you like! This is all part of becoming a man, sweetie, you just need to find ways to relax so the stress doesn’t get to you. Remember that special thing Mommy did for you the other night? I think that will help right now too, help you to forget about school. Do you want to see what your step mom is wearing under her work clothes? Something very naughty. We should keep all of this between just us ok honey? If you do, we can keep having these special moments alone. You should lay back to relax more and let Mommy see your penis again.