Mommy Is Your New Girlfriend – Xev Bellringer

Your mother playfully bounces on your lap, oblivious of her plump nipples poking over the top of her bra. It was wrong to notice, to be aroused by her… especially in her vulnerable state. She came to you in her time of need afterall… seeking love from the one man in her life she could count on. Her son. Mommy didn’t deserve to be stood up on her date tonight, although you couldn’t help but relish how sweetly desperate she was for your attention. Your mother needed to hear that she was desirable… that she was still attractive. That you would kiss her on a date… that you wanted her more than the other girls at school. Especially now that her big breasts were heaving inches from your face. Your own growing erection presses hard against your mother’s crotch as she sits on your lap, looking expectant – looking to be proven wrong. That she wasn’t too heavy for you, too overweight to be attractive. But that was the last thing on your mind. All you could think about was how good her legs felt against you, her body on yours. She tried to get up, but to your surprise, your hands held her there. Mommy’s expression suddenly changed. Did she finally notice how much you wanted her? That you couldn’t help the way she made you feel… that you wanted her to be your girlfriend. Her hips started moving. Slowly, rythmically. She was looking at you, watching you. Her eyes closed and her breathing intensified. Nothing else mattered, but the two of you… finally having each other.