Mommy and Son, Daddy Calls – RheaSweet

My husband just left to the hardware store and I knew he was going to be gone for at least an hour. As soon as my husband walked out the door I went to my sons room hoping he would want to play with me. I know it’s wrong to cheat on my husband with my son but I just love his cock so much. He makes me cum so much and his cock is bigger than his fathers! I start by teasing my son with my tits. I know how much he loves them. I told him to get on the bed so that mommy could suck him. After edging my son I climb on top of that big cock of his and slide him in. Mommy wants to cum so my son puts me on my back and starts giving me every inch. All of a sudden, I hear my phone ringing. Its my husband! I can’t ignore the call because he might be on his way back! I answer the phone with my sons cock inside of me! I try to act normal on the phone but my son thinks its funny to try and make me moan. I hurry and end the call after he tells me he is on his way back. We have little time so I tell my son to just cum inside of me. Hopefully my husband doesn’t taste it later..