Jerking Off With Mommy – Xev Bellringer

oh my goodness, darla, you looked through your son’s phone? well i guess it was worth the breech of privacy if you found out he was [***]…i suppose i should check out my son’s phone too. alright, talk to you later. i’m going to check his mobile picture gallery…oh my. what’s this?? he’s…already having sex? i shouldn’t be looking at this…but i could just check one more time. wow, my dear boy is a man now….so attractive…i never knew… oh!! don’t you ever knock?! it doesn’t matter what i was doing, i’m your mother – you shouldn’t ask me those things. ok, yes, i was…masturbating. i …well, i was looking on your phone for any shenanigans you might be up to and…i found the pictures of you with that girl. i’m very embarrassed, no mother should ever act like this but i had to be sure you weren’t doing anything bad! young man, don’t take your penis out in front of your mother…i know you’re just trying to make me feel comfortable about this whole mess, but that’s only going to make this more complicated. oh my, it’s getting harder…you’re not upset about me looking at your private pictures? well then…i don’t think it’d be too out of line doing something together just this once. mommy’s going to take off her clothes…and then we can play with ourselves together, but that’s all, ok?