I Mesmerized My Auntie – Korina Kova

Scene 1: Induction/Sex lesson I’m your aunty, welcoming you to my home. I talk about how good it is to see you since it’s been a while, and how my daughter (your cousin) will be home soon. You ask me if I’m lonely; I hesitantly deny that I am, however, you then mesmerizes/place me under a spell, my eyes roll up/cross with some effects going on in the background. I begin calling you “master”, and say “yes master, I will give you a lesson on sex”. In another room, I strip and lie down and expose myself, I talk about my body, spread my pussy and asshole while talking about them and how best to please me. When I see your cock I express amazement at how big it is and suck it briefly before inserting it. I fuck you in all positions getting a cumshaw in my pussy and all over my body Scene 2: I see my daughter off from the house and return inside to talk to you, I say it’s been good to see you and ask how long you will be staying. You mesmerizes me again (eyes roll back, another induction effect). I remove my skirt, bend over, and turn around, revealing a large anal plug. I say “yes master, I left it in, as you commanded”. I slowly tease it out I strip to reveal a skimpy/fetish outfit and lead you to your cousins room and begin fucking. Emphasis on tit bouncing and with some tit sucking, I continue calling you “master”, dirty talking (“yes master, I am your mindless fuckdoll master” we continue fucking and I receive another cream pie then I’m lightly sucking the cock when you mention my daughter I look confused (“what? my daughter?”;) asking why she would be involved, but I’m mesmerized again and say “yes master, WE serve your will”. While my eyes are rolled back cumshot on the face.