I Love You Both Equally – Kimmy Kimm, Clara Trinity & Kitten Latenight

Two teen stepsisters, Kimmy Kimm and Clara Trinity, are eagerly waiting for their stepmom, Kitten Latenight, to get home. They both obviously love Kitten very much and want to spend time with her. Although their love SEEMS innocent, they both secretly lust for their stepmom and are jealous of each other.

When Kitten comes home from work, Kimmy and Clara both immediately start flirting and sucking up to her. They both want her complete attention and try to outdo each other to get it. Kitten is unaware of the rivalry, accidentally adding more fuel to the flame as the stepsisters begin bickering and getting more physical as they fawn all over Kitten.

Finally, the truth is revealed as, in the heat of the moment, the stepdaughters accidentally out themselves by making competing, sexual comments about Kitten. Kitten is shocked by the revelation, and Kimmy and Clara sheepishly admit that they BOTH want to spend more alone time with her and are jealous of each other.

Once the shock wears off, Kitten becomes sympathetic, assuring them that, no matter what, she loves them BOTH equally… and she’s ready to prove it in a way that should make EVERYONE happy.