Mommys Boy: Silvia Saige & Sofie Marie – Family Dinner Drama

Nathan Bronson is having a family dinner with his stepmom, Sofie Marie, and his aunt, Silvia Saige. Although he’s trying to relax and enjoy himself, there’s no missing the tension between Sofie and Silvia, who are also stepsisters to each other. He is more than aware of an ongoing rivalry between the two women and finally asks about the cause of it. Silvia explains that she and Sofi were once in love with the same guy… and that if things had gone differently, SHE could have been Nathan’s stepmom instead of being just his aunt. In the same breath, she claims that she loves Nathan more than Sofie does, which causes them to bicker. Nathan is dismayed as he says that he just wants a nice family meal. Feeling only mildly guilty, the stepsisters agree to stop arguing… for now. It’s not long before Sofie comes up with a sneaky plan to show that she loves Nathan more. She drops a fork, using it as an excuse to go under the table and fondle Nathan over his pants. Nathan is stunned but not about to draw attention to them, especially since Silvia is none the wiser. After Sofie comes out from under the table, Silvia has her own plan to show her love for Nathan. She gets under the table, claiming that she needs to straighten one of its legs. Once she’s hidden from sight, she also fondles Nathan over his pants, which Sofie is unaware of. Once again, though stunned, Nathan tries to keep everything on the down-low. But when Sofie goes back under the table to give Nathan a handjob, getting caught, that’s when things escalate as they both fight over Nathan’s cock. Nathan is exasperated and desperate as he tells them he loves them BOTH, pleading for them to just get along! Although they are begrudging, the women agree to play nicely as they finally cooperate to give him a blowjob and more!