A Loving Domination: Mom and Son Story – Korina Kova

This was a custom and his name is said once at the beginning, I arrive home after a long day and my feet are tired and sore, tonight I want to train my son to be the ultimate boy, run mommy a bath and do exactly what I say, get on your knees and worship my thighs and feet, I instruct you to suck and kiss my feet, now I am ready to give you your reward, I change into luxury lingerie and show you the toys I have for your ass, I want my boys ass pink and stinging, now let me train your ass, good boys get a reward….now your cock is in between my thighs you will have the privilege of fucking my thighs, good boy….now taste and eat mommys ass, mmmmmmmm good boy…now I will let you release all over my stomach and thighs, I love my good boy so much.